Negative Effects of Facebook

Dear Blog,

The chances of someone not having or ever hearing about Facebook are very slim. In reality, if you know someone who is not aware of this social network, they are more likely to get a respond as if they are out of the loop.

The initial introduction of Facebook came about from a student at Harvard University for the purpose of being involved with other student or be updated on their social lives. The popularity of Facebook has even been adopted by mobile companies where they have launched cellular with an app for Facebook which makes accessing the site even easier.

The downfall that it has brought along is the obsession that many people have become a victim of which makes them want to be in touch with Facebook and they updating their status throughout the day. However, it is all fun and games to keep in touch with your peers but you may not know the person on the other side is actually your friend, thereof, taking precautions when sharing your information is vital.

When did it become a necessity for people to share where they are or what they are doing with half of the world out there? Social networks are usually produced on the idea of connecting people from all over but when people start to abuse that and use it for the wrong purposes is when the original thought is lost.

People use Facebook for all purposes from sharing information about their work down to what they are down late on that day. Sharing such information can sound like fun but when it comes in the hand of those are not what they seem to be then you are putting yourself at risk to be a victim of something that could have been prevented.

Facebook has become what is called the love-hate relationship.

More soon,

Sahar K



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2 responses to “Negative Effects of Facebook

  1. m.m

    why are you so obsessed with facebook, so many of your writing is just about facebook lol we want a new subject πŸ™‚

  2. Zunaira

    because it is one of the worlds biggest social network site which continues to grow Lol πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

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