Social Media Permeate the Employment Life Cycle

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When it comes to make decision about hiring the applicant, the employer can use information obtained from the social network to make the decision. The list is exhausted when it comes to the precautions of using social network during employment. It is also emphasized that once the employee leaves the agency, the individual still has to be careful about what is shared or discussed on social network with the previous employer or the agency.

The use of social network such Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and so forth has gained tremendous popularity within the previous few years. The use of these networks has gained popularity throughout the world. Millions and millions of people are involved with these networks and it has gained attention for the wrong reasons. People have become involved with using these networks during work hours and etc.

One would not think the information that an employer obtains from these social networks can be used against him/her unfortunately but as it is stated in the article that employers may lawfully use the information. However, once you are hired being on these networks can bring harm to you as well. You may share information without any intentions to cause any harm to the agency and the way that information can be used may cause harm.

Trying to make sure to be “in” network during your business hours may lead to a decrease in your work. These are just some of the issues that arise as a result of social networks being involved with employment. In addition, once you leave the agency, you still have to continue to be cautious about what you post in regards to work and your previous co-workers may be able to view it.   We should start on taking the precautions with the involvement with these social networks.

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Sahar K


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