My name is Sahar Khan and I am currently a Media Communications and Arts student at City College of New York.  This blog is a dedication for my Social Media class.  I will be discussing various stories in social media and sharing my thoughts about each situation.  I hope you like my simple, yet informative blog.  Please free to leave comments. Thank you for visiting and come again.

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6 responses to “More ABOUT Me

  1. rocket singh

    please (feel) free.. u can thank me later..

  2. Tahir Rafique

    Dear Seher,

    Nice working and discussion at social Media sector. Keep it continue.

    Tahir Rafique
    The Pace Consultants
    Off # 7, 2nd Floor, Royal Plaza,
    6th Road crossing, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    Ph.# +92-331-5736406

  3. Zunaira

    This Is Gooood 😛

  4. Zunaira

    This Is Good 😛

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